Pencil Drawings

Propositions for sculptures, experiments with bio-morphic abstract forms on paper...

7 - 8 am paintings 2016 - 2017

A series of watercolour paintings made in direct response to recordings of my family between the hours of 7am and 8am on a weekday morning.

Lego Drawings 2015 ongoing

A series of drawings made with graphite sticks and indian ink using lego bricks. 

Punctured and Crumpled 2009- 2010

Drawings based on puncturing and crumpling. 

Frottage Drawings 2006

A collection of drawings made when I was pregnant with my first child exploring the process of frottage using domestic objects and surfaces within the domestic environment.

Penny + Eric Photographs 2005

A collection of photographs taken by the artist Eric Rosoman and hand punctured by myself. These works were part of an exhibition at Space Station 65 Gallery in London in 2005.

10 Samples from the Mr and Mrs Edwards Simpson Collection 2005

Holes were burnt in ten samples of fabric from the Mr and Mrs Edward Simpson Collection. This collection of fabrics was a found in upholstery samples in my family's upholstery business in Portsmouth which after more than 40 years of trading closed in 2013 and at the time that the work was made in 2005 saw the business struggling to survive in a throwaway culture of mass consumerism. The story of the abdication of the King Edward to marry the twice divorced american Wallis Simpson connects to this lost era and highlights the destruction of English traditions of craftsmanship and the effect of the global economy upon our material world. 

Penny and Mum Drawings and Prints 2004

A collection of drawings and prints which featured in an exhibition at my Mum's office in Portsmouth and explored the relationship between myself and my mother.

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