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'Eviscerated' 2020

Autoethnographic Drawing
Pencil Drawing

Included in the drawings and text for

Maternal Art Magazine Issue 1

‘Stay at Home’ June 2020

This drawing emerged from the deep feeling of evisceration I felt in being apart from two of my children as my ex-husband and I changed to a shared parenting arrangement during lockdown where I would only have my children for 50% of the time. This was a dramatic change from our previous arrangement of every other weekend at their Dads and half the holidays. My eldest son remained with me and his presence in the drawing is represented by the only ‘sausage-like’ form that remains totally held in the left hand box and is darkest in tone. The form weaves and loops around my body as both a source of comfort and suffocation in relation to my body. The other two forms that have wriggled from my insides weave themselves into the much larger box on the right of the drawing and pile up into a phallus-like body.
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