Gender Generation

This paper addresses the question of whether it is possible to discern maternal subjectivity within sculptural process. In relation to my own artistic practice and maternal experience, I have created ‘A Mother’s Verb List’, a list composed of verbs generated through observations of my own children: their interactions as they intersect between the physical world and my body. Inspired by Richard Serra’s ‘Verb List’ 1967-68, a critical and contextual comparison between the specificities of Serra’s list and my own reveals the de-subjectivization of 1960’s sculptural process. With reference to Kristeva, I conclude with an analysis of the distinctions which characterise maternal subjectivity in ‘A Mother’s Verb List’ and which I suggest may also define maternality in sculptural process. This is an extended version of the paper I submitted on 08/09/16 which was followed by an excerpt from my video 'A Mother's Verb List'.

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