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'Memedusa' 2021

Autoethnographic Drawing
Digital Video Assemblage and Pencil Drawing

This work was included in the paper 'Autoethnographic Drawing: visualising epiphanic narratives of maternal embodiment as a single mother.'

Presented at the Missing Mother Conference,

University of Bolton, April 20-23, 2021

WARNING: This video contains flashing images.

This is an exerpt from the video work 'Memedusa 2021'. The drawing is made up of thousands of repeated memes evoking the repetition of these phrases by my teenaged son towards me in our home after he watched them on You Tube. Documentation of the drawing when complete was used to create a digital assemblage of the pencil drawing as it becomes interwoven with audio taken from memes watched and repeated by my teenaged son, text from Kristeva and an autoethnographic maternal monologue. 
To see the full video click here
Memedusa 2021 (detail).JPG
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