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Frottage Drawings 2006

These drawings were made when I was pregnant with my first child. Knowing that there was life beneath my skin lead me to think about how to visualise surfaces and edges. They are rubbings using graphite of surfaces and edges of furniture and objects in the domestic environment. 

These drawings became part of a solo exhibition entitled 'Domestic Archaeology' in 2007 at De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK. 

'PC Panel Vent (repeated)' 2006 graphite on paper 42 x 59cm

'Edge of table' 2006 pastel on paper 35 x 26.5

'Door Panel' 2006 graphite on paper 42 x 48.5

'Radiator Section' 2006 coloured pencil 35 x 26.5

'Nokia Phones (repeated)' 2006 Coloured pastel on paper 41 x 39.5

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