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Thermo-imaging project

Artists Residency Nottingham Trent University

These images were produced during an artists residency at Nottingham Trent University where I worked with a thermo-imaging camera to document our domestic life at home. The camera was set up for long periods during which video footage was captured. The children often forgot when the camera was on and in 'Denied Kiss' the moment when a brother and sister kiss is recorded despite the fact that both children deny all knowledge of the event ever happening.


'Denied Kiss' Photograph 2018

'Family sofa' Photograph 2018


'Iris's bath' Photograph 2018


Heading 1

'Mum's Bed' video 2018

The video is 44 minutes long and documents the bed before and after resting with my children. The thermo-imaging camera reveals the change in colour as the heat of our bodies leaves the bed turning from red to orange to yellow and finally to green and blue.

The 44 minutes is translated into 88 years (the average life expectancy of the artist) and translates the period in which the artist expects to have her children want to sleep in her bed as being approximately 16 years for all three children which then becomes documented in minutes in the video.

The temporary nature of this desire to sleep in mum's bed is explored in the use of double exposure in the photographs below. These images were taken as stills from the period when the family had left the bed recording the heat of their bodies in red as seen fading from the bedclothes. Images of the family are then transposed over these images using double exposure.

Still from 'Mum's bed' 2018


'Mum's bed - double exposure tryptich' Photographs 2018

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