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I am she and she is I 2021

An audio recording and weaving of my experience of mothering my teenaged daughter as she suffered from mental health and eating issues, insomnia, and low attendance at school. The weaving is made from printed text onto fabric cut from my daughter's school shirt. The text is taken from correspondence with doctors and health professionals woven with handwritten text taken from the letters my daughter wrote to me in the middle of the night when she was suffering from insomnia. The weaving is felted with patches that represent the self-harm she inflicted on her hand. My daughter helped me to make the work, ironing on the transfers of her own letters and despite it being a painful work to make at the time it was helpful in her recovery.

Produced for the Domestic Academics Quilt by Vanessa Marr at Brighton University.

Click here to open the link to view the quilt and listen to the audio

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