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Key text for research

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I am currently reading 'Maternal Encounters The Ethics of Interruption' by Lisa Baraitser. I will be writing an essay on the importance of this book in my research but this quote sums up how I intend to build on the text and sets the tone of my practice-based research:

'The mother is still figured as a container, even if she is now one who has some feelings about what she is being asked to do. My suggestion would be that we need accounts of maternal experiences that move the mother away from containers and receptacles altogether, that have other shapes and contours, and which may allow us to think about other things mothers do for and alongside their children.' (Baraitser 2009 p.18)

Reading this key text for my research by Lisa Baraitser - Maternal Encounters: The Ethics of Interruption

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