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'Large Lego Drawing'

This work took a long time to evolve from when I first had the idea. I started working on it in 2016 when I was living in Leicester. I began to draw using a 'frottage' technique and graphite sticks over pieces of my children's lego. I wasn't sure of my intentions at the time and the forms began to look a little biological - like cellular forms - as I was using similar sized single rectangular lego pieces.

When I began my PhD I decided to return to the drawing - this time with a clear intention to make visible maternal labour in the hours of time invested in building lego models with my eldest son and began to extend the shape and scale of the flat lego pieces I was rubbing over. As I began to work I realised the potential for a range of different mark-making techniques and developed a variety of tones through using different grades of graphite.

This picture shows the technique I used for holding the lego in place as the lego square is held by ribbon on a sort of 'pulley' system behind the paper so that I can lift and manouvre it into the correct place without continuously changing the lego pieces.

This shows the work developing as the range of tones, shapes and mark-making techniques build to form a lumpen shape.

This drawing (taken in February 2020) shows the drawing developing. I will add to the post as the work continues to develop...

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